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CPSI PROGRAMS  CPSI is designed for professionals who want to develop their creativity and innovation skills to help lead creativity, innovation and change.
The CPSI conference combines the best of both long and short programming elements.
Pre-Conference Workshops: Start on Wednesday morning with a full Pre-Conference Workshop. These last 5.5 hours. We have 19 workshops to choose from!
Main Track: Every participant signs up for a main track/course. Each course runs 18 hours over 3.5 days, and it will be your core learning opportunity.
General Extending Sessions (4): All participants will have the opportunity to attend four 90-minute sessions. There will be 15-20 concurrent choices, with something for everyone!
Special Events: Spotlights, NiteFlites, Excursions, Saturday Night Keynote (Teresa Amabile), and More! Details to come...
Tips for Choosing your Track and 18-hour Course

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Novice + All First-Timer Track: Springboard to Creative Problem Solving
Novice + Educator First-Timer Track: Creativity in the 21st Century Classroom (for Educators)
Experienced with CPS + Want to Learn How to Facilitate CPS Facilitating Creative Leadership (FCL) Track: 5 Course Options
Want Deep Content on Creativity & Innovation Topics Immersion Track: 6 Course Options
Want Smorgasbord on Creativity & Innovation Topics Extending Track: Choose from a series of 4-5 Concurrent Sessions throughout each Day
Ages 7-17 CEF YouthWise